Industrial rubber products, why rely on Warca

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Rubber products, rollers and wheels, play a crucial role in many industries. Rubber is a versatile material widely used for its durability, resistance and ability to adapt to various conditions. Production begins with the mixing of rubber compounds followed by the molding
of desired products, which can be conveyor rollers, industrial wheels or custom-made components.

Rubber processing is quite complex, it requires a very large plant-level investment, and involves processes such as mixing, extrusion, vulcanization, and precision mechanical processing of materials.

Implementation in technology has led to more efficient methodologies, enabling large-scale production of rubber products customized to meet the specific needs of applications.

This sector is essential in industries such as logistics, manufacturing and transportation, where rollers and wheels play a key role in material handling and mobility of industrial equipment. Continuous innovation is key to developing increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions in today’s context of manufacturing.

Which industry uses the most rubber?

Amongst the mayor consumers of rubber are tires (rubber transport by trucks and cars is the most common) and hoses (from fuel distribution hoses to food hoses to the simplest garden watering hose). Other applications of rubber include conveyor belts, flooring, hoses, straps and other anchors.

Rubber items such as rollers, wheels and conveyor belts are widely used in sectors such as manufacturing and logistics, contributing to the efficiency of industrial processes.

For example, conveyor belts are used to transport material (from the cement quarry to the food packaging line) to facilitate the movement of goods in various industries.

In the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, rubber wheels are essential for equipment mobility.


Which rubber products do we specialize in at Warca

In Warca, we specialize in the manufacturing of the following rubber products:

  • Conveyor belt rollers
  • Calender rollers
  • Gluing rollers
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Textile rollers
  • Tannery rollers
  • Counter rollers
  • Curved rollers
  • Laminator rollers
  • Paint rollers
  • Slotted rollers
  • Forming rollers
  • Sleeves
  • Rubber hoses
  • Rollers with FDA food grade raw material
  • Inking rollers
  • Pallet truck wheels
  • Forklift wheels
  • Screening wheels
  • Overhead crane wheels
  • Wheels for welding positioners
  • Wheels for carts
  • Track guide wheels
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • biconical wheels

3 reasons to rely on Warca

Competence, Warca Rulli has been in the industry since 1955, being a pioneer in the coating of rubber, silicone and polyurethane rollers and routes for casting continuing to invest over the years in the production process and offering its customers the latest technologies in materials and machining.

Quality, Warca Rulli pays great attention to the quality of its products, uses compounds of the highest quality, continuing to carry out selective quality tests on the various products manufactured.

Precision and reliability, thanks to the CNC machines used by the recently established Leonardo Da. Vi. Meccanica, the precision in the finishing of manufactured products has reached high standards, Warca Rulli can now also produce mechanical parts obtained through milling and and turning process which will then be rubber coated; the delivery times are a very important aspect for us and we aim at delivering the material to our customer with the precision of a Swiss watch.