Technical Items: all the possibilities, from rubber to polyurethane

We will always support and suggest materials such as rubber, polyurethane and silicone for their unrivaled characteristics that make them ductile and usable in various sectors and different purposes. Each of these materials according to factors such as temperature, chemical compatibility and the required flexibility, can guarantee better performance than any other, for a specific application. The rubber offers excellent…

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Rubber and polyurethane processing: the most used in manufacturing

lavorazioni in gomma e poliuretano

The rubber and polyurethane processes are fundamental components for the industry. The applications are innumerable across sectors. Why rubber and polyurethane? The reason is simple: they provide the best compromise in terms of functional characteristics, processability and cost. It is therefore worth promoting an overview of the most common rubber and polyurethane processing.   Rubber and polyurethane: two fundamental resources…

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